Grow Your Business With iRepo and OPENLANE
iRepo links with OPENLANE to Provide Recovery Agents and Lenders Full-Service from Repossession to Remarketing.

Anytime, On Time
MBSi prides itself on its comprehensive yet user-friendly software design. Users with all levels of computer experience quickly find that there is little or no learning curve involved in initially using the Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite. The use of consistent and well designed features provides users with valuable visual cues to ensure reduced data entry errors and minimal support related issues.

MBSi Capital Corp. was formed in 2003 to provide the repossession service industry with cost effective, easy-to-use repossession software solutions that maximize the return on technology investments. With the absence of a reliable, stable and properly engineered hosted database solution for the repossession industry, MBSi embarked on the development of the Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite.
Key Features
   Instant: Ability to immediately receive assignments and send repossession notifications to the office and clients.     Locate: Map all addresses and create a turn-by-turn driving route   
   Paperless: Electronic data entry, dispatch and assignment transactions.      Integration: Use Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite in conjunction with QuickBooks accounting software  
   Automatic: Link previously worked assignments for enhanced historical data      

Verify: Validate all addresses and VINs using Verification Software.

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