With the unmatched level of support offered by MBSi it is obvious why our customers have a high level of confidence in the Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite. Our customers receive responsive, accurate and intelligent support from MBSi representatives that know the repossession industry as well as technology. Your subscription plan also includes all software service packs and version updates that become available during the year at no extra charge to you.
Having Trouble?

Feel free to contact us regarding any Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite related issue during regular business hours and we will help you with whatever problem you are having. Your support request will be professionally handled by a representative from MBSi within a matter of hours, however on days where there is a high volume of calls we guarantee a 24 hour turn around time to respond to your issue and begin the process of answering your question or resolving the problem you are having

Found a Bug?

We admit it; we are not perfect. From time to time users will uncover issues with the Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite or one of its add-on components that need to be corrected. If you think you have encountered a bug with the software please let us know in as much detail as you can so that we can look into the problem. Once we have found and corrected the problem with the software we will provide an update to all Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite users to download and correct the problem.

Did We Miss Something?

Our customer’s opinions and suggestions mean a great deal to us at MBSi. The foundation for the powerful features of the Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite has been the innovative suggestions from repossession organizations just like yours. If you feel that the software would be greatly enhanced for both yourself and other repossession companies by adding a specific feature, contact us with your idea and we will get in touch with you to discuss your suggestion.

System Requirements

The recommended system configuration for the Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite is a computer running Microsoft Windows XP Professional with a Pentium 4 processor and 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM. 


Latest Releases

Click here for access to the latest release notes.
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Did you discover a bug? Check out our Bug Tracker page to see if we have a fix for you.
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